Tiffany parker During a hearing wednesday before circuit judge david laser, kris parker, 34, of kennett, pled guilty to the june 2007 murder of his ex-Wife tiffany parker, and the kidnapping of their son, carson. Parker admitted to beating tiffany to death Tiffany Browse Money Clips with a knee-Kicker, which is used in the installation of carpet.He further admitted to kidnapping their son. In accordance with the plea, Cheap Tiffany Necklaces a charge of rape was dismissed. Parker was sentenced to life in prison for the first-Degree murder Plus five years for the kidnapping. Advertisement Prior the pronouncing of parker's sentence, laser allowed parker to make a comment. Parker emotionally thanked the victim's family for listening to him.He told the family he took full responsibility for his actions and said he blamed no one but himself for the action.He said tiffany didn't deserve it and neither did her family. "You all have been through more in this past year than anyone should have to go through,"Parker said. "I hope god gives you all Tiffany UK Sale peace.And i beg you for forgiveness. " Parker then said he would welcome any of them to visit and talk with him. After the hearing ended, jerris raines, the mother of tiffany parker who contacted police after not hearing from her daughter the night of the murder, said she was just glad the case was over.She said she was pleased with the outcome. Greene county deputy prosecutor kimberly dale said she hopes wednesday's outcome brings closure to tiffany's family. "I really think this will help the family to have some closure over tiffany's death,"Dale said. "The state was ready to proceed to trial, but always takes into account the inevitable appeals that results on any capital murder case.There is no right to appeal this plea.Life is life. " I agree lol.Those worthless people you supported a murderer and kidnapper are as stupid as he was.Where are you people at now?Are you guys still looking for the other person that broke in and did this to tiffany?Way to be.Shoot up on meth to dull the pain.You people are just disgusting.This proves once and for all that kris was nothing but a sick, woman raping dead beat father.He will now know rot in prison and cost all of us tax dollars to feed him and to keep his jail toilet running.I hope he has a great life! You are right about not being able to bring her back but talking him up doesn't excuse what he did.He is still scum.He killed her without regret at the time and took that little boy.I have known this family for years and she nor the family deserved what he put them through.Take in to account how you would feel if it was your family member or friend that was murdered, you would probably be a little hostile towards to attacker as well.You are only saying what you are because you are his friend not hers.