Budget win7 desktop for Budget win7 desktop for Evaders99 gave them:Softwaresupplygroup lacks many reviews, would be careful buying from them you'll likely not get anything legithmmm.I might explore additional options for getting win7.Demoralizing that it's so darn expensive, makes me halfway wish i remained taking courses.Any some ideas on deals to get it or am i stuck paying thru the nose for it?I may temporarily make this a a linux systemunix until i can afford a retail win7 pro tho linux would be a whole new adventure for me. Justanengineer gave them:Anotherengineer invented:An excellent opportunity a motherboard with an 880g northbridge and 850 southbridge.Such as $128 asus m4a88td v evo/usb3 or $113 gb ga 880ga ud3h. I agree that 880g+sb850 would probably meet the original poster's needs.Not looking as much.Much of this adventure is the fun of the build for me.I fondly remember taking apart my piano course instructors[technical] metronome deals on Pandora Jewelry into quite a few pieces while a sibling was taking their turn at the lesson.She wasn't too happy until i showed her that i could put it right together again. Now the built-In graphics does interest me in a way.I assume that it'll meet my needs, but on the other hand recognize that a stand alone video card[even a low end one like i as listed above] will make the device a bit snappier.I also kinda like having a standard atx sized board rather than the micro so that i have more room to maneuver and work around, part of me feels silly placing micro atx into a midsized case.Having said that, of the three i favor asus as a brand.The universal series bus 3.0 interests me but it is something I gotta sleep on, We suppose.I don't use tons of peripheral devices, at once the only things i hook up via usb are my camera, the sporadic flash drive, and my sansa film[mp3 player].The thing i think that usb 3.0 would be wonderful for would be if I get a portable HD into the future.So i guess it kinda fights like this in my eyes: Idea one: Get a lower cost board[$60 after discount] plus motion picture card[$30.00] Equals $90.00 Atlanta private Pandora Dangles Charms investigators board, more room to be employed on it. Nicer media player A little bit cheaper, but higher priced in the end if i eventually decide i need to add usb 3.0 via a card development. Idea http://www.ccfcm.com/pandora-beads.html two: Get the asus micro with mentioned graphics chip on it = $99.99 Rooms that are small board, but even more capable Hardware 3.0 will www.ccfcm.com there be, Cool. Is there a choice three that would give me an full sized atx board with usb 3.0?Integrated graphics might be a plus, but relying on how much it bumps the price up i might spring for it to future proof the system a bit. I really love the quick responses, by the way.I apologize for any disadvantages on my part because with some aspects of this i'm still educating myself and learning.I think my knowledge base is sufficient that i'm above the"Knows plenty of to be dangerous"Level that is a hard thing to self evaluate. If you just aren't gaming, a decent igp is more than a sufficient quantity of.Besides, what are the better igps can handle mid range games if you turn down the eye candy.Certainly enough for running illustrator where more ram and cpu seems to matter more.Add what saved onto a better cpu or more ram.In time, it isn't hard to toss in a gpu if you ever.Bejesus, most of the better igps enable you to play games these days if you turn down the resolution and settings(We used to run wow at native res on my wife's laptop with an igp 2 these days).